Concierge service & employee assistance programs

A recent Roper poll reported that 87 percent of respondents would work harder for an employer who helped them handle their personal issues. Feeling supported reduces stress. It’s common knowledge and something we know from experience. Concierge service offers you the freedom that resolves the demands and distractions of modern life. The 2 Places At 1 Time employee assistance program (EAP) encourages increased productivity, higher morale, decreased employee turn-over and absenteeism. We’ve seen it happen again and again for corporations who offer concierge and errand services. In fact, over 88 % of our customers report that the concierge services of 2 Places At 1 Time help reduce their stress.

Our concierge service gives you TIME

The most valuable gift a corporation can give employees is TIME. It has emerged as today’s key commodity. Our business concierge service offers corporate clients a tangible way to directly alleviate the stress of their employee’s busy lives. Our experienced concierges seamlessly manage your employees’ time-consuming personal and business-related tasks—at home, on the road, at work. We deliver peace of mind while giving back their precious personal time.

An errand service that manages your needs

2 Places At 1 Time concierge service is a “next-generation” work/life benefit. Our errand service gets the job done, tackling virtually any personal task: from detailed vacation planning to buying concert tickets. The result is simple. Employees who use our concierge and errand service manage their time more effectively and improve job performance, thanks to a better balance between professional and personal life.

Read on for more about the significance of our business concierge service.



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