Work-life balance increases employee productivity

One feature of modern life that employers and employees find hard to quantify is work/life balance. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Using our concierge service improves business performance, employee productivity. These are results our clients can quantify. Why does it work? Support from our concierge service with errand running gives your employees back precious time while allowing them to stay focused at work. In fact, surveys have shown that eighty-six percent of workers say work/life balance and fulfillment are top career priorities. Offering our services is also an innovative way to recruit and retain top talent.

Quantifiable ROI from our concierge service

We’re so confident in the contribution our concierge and errand service will make to your workplace that we offer an ROI calculator to prove it. After utilizing the 2 Places At 1 Time concierge services, business managers often see a spike in employee productivity. In fact, 88% of our customers report that 2 Places At 1 Time helps them stay focused at work. Let us calculate the significant return on investment 2 Places can bring to your company.

Motivating staff through business concierge services

Our business concierge service is a creative and flexible employee benefit. Road warriors and desk managers alike take advantage of it in ways that support their unique needs. No task is too great or too small. Your employees can access our concierge team 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and simply tell us how we may serve them. Offering our concierge services throughout your organization shows concern for the work/life balance needs of the entire employee population.

Want to know more about how it will work for your organization? Send us a request for information now.



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