Concierge service - a custom benefit for employees

Providing concierge services as an employee benefit is an effective tool for recruiting and retaining great talent. It’s also an ideal way to send the message to your staff that you value them more than ever. For twenty years, 2 Places At 1 Time has been providing business concierge services, with a full-scale errand running component, for corporations to offer as a compelling employee benefit.

What makes errand running services so valuable

Everyone’s day-to-day is different but for most 24 hours in a day is never enough. Our errand services keep things manageable. Need someone to go to the house to wait for a plumber? How about picking up an important gift, dropping off the car at the shop, or helping out an employee while on maternity leave? Whatever your employees don’t have the time or inclination to do—we do, and extremely well. This allows them to focus on the really important aspects of their life, which might be in the boardroom or on the bleachers at a Little League game.

Business concierge service and the integrated lifestyle

Concierge service is an employee benefit entitling you to peace of mind on the job. There’s a growing movement in corporate America to bring reality to the workplace, respecting the demands of family, home, and personal life. 2 Places At 1 Time is uniquely positioned as an integrative benefit to energize your workforce. Our business concierge service enables better performance on the job, through increased productivity and satisfaction and decreased absenteeism, while increasing work/life balance.

A customized program and service model

On site, virtual, with errand running or without, or a combination of different offerings among your various office locations, we design programs to meet the unique needs of our corporate clients. We are the only company in the industry providing so many choices and we do so throughout the United States and Canada. Our customized turnkey work/life solution also includes a customized internal marketing campaign that is fully integrated into your communications practices and platforms. We look forward to creating the most meaningful employee benefit your company has ever offered!

Consider our testimonials to see what concierge in the workplace looks like.



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