Future Trends in the Dimensions of Work/Life

A select group of work-life practitioners, researchers and not-for profit leaders gathered in Boston without a single PowerPoint presentation – a noted departure for this erudite group of experts. This group was tasked with engaging in a two-day “future search” process at the invitation of the Boston College Center for Work & Family. The ultimate goal was to develop a vision for the future of work force management, of which work and family integration is becoming a central element.

After brainstorming every conceivable important current and future trend that can impact work force management, four issues were deemed most influential:

• Expanding diversity (in the broadest sense, adding generational diversity to the challenges that will be presented by managing an increasingly diverse workplace along the more conventional fault lines of gender, race, ethnicity, faith and personal style);

• Managing cultural challenges;

• Dealing with increasing levels of stress and overwork;

• Resolving the two-edged sword of technology, which manifests itself simultaneously as a problem and a solution.*

*Source: The Work-Life Evolution Study by Prof Brad Harrington, Executive Director, Center for Work & Family.

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