2013 Great Place to Work Conference…An Inspirational Journey

I attended the Great Place to Work Conference in sunny Los Angeles on April 16-18 and what an inspirational event it was! Almost 1,000 attendees from best companies, or those aspiring to be the best, participated in 3 days of exceptional workshops and networking events. The key note speakers were fabulous and included Scott McNealy (previously Sun’s CEO), Kip Tindell (CEO of the Container Store) and Chris Van Gorder (CEO of Scripps Health). The highlighted keynote was Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!’s controversial CEO, who spoke at the closing ceremony. She dealt with the “elephant in the room” – working from home – by saying that this policy wasn’t working for Yahoo! so it needed to be changed. She was not trying to make a statement that applied to all companies (although that is how the media spun it). I really appreciated her honesty, directness and humor.
To learn more about next year’s conference and other events to help you become a “best place to work”, go to www.greatplacetowork.com. Concierge programs greatly contribute to these initiatives so check out LesConcierges at www.lesconcierges.com/business-offerings/employee-loyalty or contact us at renesalo@2places.com.

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