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2 Places At 1 Time Concierge Service is a "next-generation" work-life benefit. Our concierge service gets the job done, so your employees can focus on theirs. Employees, who utilize our service, can more effectively manage their time and improve their job performance thanks to a better balance of the demands on their professional and personal lives. By offering this service to employees throughout your organization, corporations show concern for the needs of the entire employee population.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"The concierge service is a value added because I know that my employer values me while I'm at work, but understands that assisting me in other areas of my life is a value added to me and the organization."

"The concierge service is awesome. The staff is super friendly and extremely helpful. Truly one of the greatest benefits of working here."

"I love this service! I don't know of any other company that offers this to their employees.  I brag about it all the time.  The service feels like I have my own personal assistant."

"This is an important and great service. I'm so thankful my company cares about my work/life balance. This service is a critical part of successful time mgmt at our company!"

"I was telling my family about the concierge service that I get.  They cannot believe I get to work for a company that offers such great perks like the concierge service."

"The concierge service has become a very powerful tool in which to balance my personal To-Do-List, and it greatly assists with managing life's nuisance interruptions so that my work schedule is minimally impacted."

"I was able to get an 8-5 type errand done while continuing to be productive at work.  Great service!"

"It frustrates me to leave work during business hours for personal errands. having the ability to use the concierge service to take care of those errands is something I am VERY grateful for."

"As a work at home employee I need my prescriptions picked up from my home and taken to the home office pharmacy and then my prescriptions brought back to my home. My Helper has made my life much easier and I can't express how grateful I am to have this service available. What an awesome company we work for. Thank you so much for being there and answering the call so I/we can focus on taking care of our members needs."

"This is probably the greatest benefit of working here. I LOVE this service. I just need to think more creatively about how to take advantage of it. It's a huge help and I talk about it all the time at work."

"As always, everyone involved is easy to deal with, very professional and so nice. I've never been disappointed. My Helper is a fantastic, class "A" service provider. Thank you My Helper!"


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